Hutto, Texas

Downtown Hutto stands at a crossroads, literally. Northeast of Austin on State Highway 79 near the new State Highway 130 corridor, Hutto has exploded with growth. Hutto recently purchased the historic Grain Coop Site next to its historic downtown. This purchase of approximately 40 acres provides Hutto with the perfect location to develop a new city hall in a mixed use context through a public-private partnership, enabling the town to prepare for the future while embracing its downtown heritage.

In order to position downtown to absorb a good share of quality growth, the City selected ERO International and Gateway Planning Group for the initiative. Gateway Planning led the master planning effort for a new downtown plan, and it crafted a form-based code for the rezoning undertaken to implement the new master plan.
In parallel to the downtown initiative, the City retained PlaceMakers to develop a SmartCode, a parallel form-based code, for the rest of the community. Gateway Planning has extensive experience calibrating and adopting the SmartCode. So it worked with PlaceMakers to utilize the SmartCode for downtown. Gateway Planning developed five additional transect zones for the delicate design nuances of Historic Downtown Hutto, for the important transition areas between the historic core and the surrounding neighborhoods, and for the high traffic frontage conditions along State highway 79.

In this context, Gateway Planning is working with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) on behalf of the City to secure a redesign of State Highway 79 so that it not only moves cars effectively but also complements the new downtown master plan. This context sensitive solutions (CSS) approach will ensure that downtown is not negatively impacted by the adjacent high capacity roadway but rather takes advantage of the high traffic volumes passing by everyday.

This downtown initiative has now positioned Hutto to secure a private-sector partner for the development of a mixed-use town center anchored by a new city hall.


Form-Based Codes

Heart of Hutto Master Plan
SmartCode for Old Town
Old Town Architectural Standards
Old Town Regulating Plan


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 Hutto, Texas


Hutto, Texas
Hutto, Texas
Hutto, Texas


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