CityLine TOD, Richardson, Texas

The Project

Located at the intersection of two major regional highways in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex—George Bush Turnpike (PGBT) and Central Expressway (US 75)—the existing PGBT DART light rail station, two regional trails, and the surrounding vacant property present an opportunity for a new approach to Transit Oriented Development (TOD). Gateway Planning Group with Kimley-Horn was retained by Bush/75 Partners to plan, design and entitle the project. Gateway Planning, also working closely with the City of Richardson, developed a Plan to transform a conventional highway quadrant into a world-class urban village. This approach sets the stage for a true public-private partnership to provide the local funding resources necessary to contribute to the future intermodal transfer station with the Cotton Belt Rail line from DFW International Airport, as well as for the high level of street, trail, park and plaza infrastructure needed to maximize the reach of the TOD beyond just a few blocks around the rail station.

Market-Driven Implementation (Form-Based Code + TIF)
The adopted form-based code transforms this suburban location into a dynamic TOD that will be driven by market-forces rather than NIMBY politics. The ability to harness growth from the rail, and the adjacent highways will better harness growth into sustainable walkable neighborhoods. This will also drive sustained growth in tax base so that sufficient infrastructure investments can be made in additional regional rail and local streets to facilitate the TOD context. Since the original design and form-based zoning, the following have resulted:

  • Zale Corson Group has purchased and is developing an urban multifamily project on the lower portion of the TOD being designed by JHP Architects
  • KDC Development Company has purchased the remaining land and is developing a mixed use, live, work, play project that will include almost 2 million square feet of office for over 6000 employees.
  • The City of Richardson has created a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District and has targeted a portion of that TIF for financing the Cotton Belt Rail System.

2011 NCTCOG CLIDE Award for Planning and Policy for Sustainable Development

2012 TX APA Current Planning Award


Form-Based Code and Documents

Final Adopted Code for CityLine TOD, Richardson


Download the full Project Sheet

 CityLine Regulating Plan


CityLine Regulating Plan
CityLine TOD, Richardson
CityLine TOD, Richardson
CityLine TOD, Richardson, Texas


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