Volcano Heights Sector Development Plan, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Originally scoped as a review of the July 2010 Volcano Heights Sector Development Plan, the City of Albuquerque decided to utilize the skills of Gateway Planning Group to assist the City with a complete city initiated form-based zoning effort. Through stakeholder focus groups and landowner meetings, as well as significant City Department meetings, the City and Gateway Planning developed a vision consensus to base the form-based zoning tool. Through internal vetting and public feedback, the Plan has been reformatted to include the heavy policy issues of a typical sector plan and the visual development and building design standards that are common in form-based zoning documents.

Volcano Heights is an interesting example of scattered parcel ownership and numerous municipal departments coming together to complete an innovative and detailed rezoning process, in order to ensure that the future “major activity center” will develop with care of the market and the natural landscape around the plan area. Inclusion of the Mid-Region Council of Governments (MRCOG) in the process has led to Gateway Planning’s President, Scott Polikov, to begin giving insight to MRCOG as they begin to update their own Future Albuquerque Area Bikeways and Streets (FAABS) document.


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 Volcano Heights New Mexico


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