Rosewood's Heritage Creekside, Plano, Texas

Positioning for Corporate Live-Work-Play Development: After sitting in the Rosewood asset inventory of land for more than 60 years, the property was re-positioned by the Gateway Planning lead.  Sitting undeveloped with pure commercial/industrial zoning, the well located site for corporate campus needed to be reinvented in terms of a destination vision, relevant zoning and a strategy to garner neighborhood support for a mixed use character.  Working with Sarah Dodd, Kimley Horn and Bill Dahlstrom, the Gateway Planning Team crafted a true live-work-play design context based on a realistic development program confirmed by RCLCO.


Securing Community Support: Adjacent to aging single-family neighborhoods—early large lot subdivisions developed in Plano, Texas, the site is located in an aging commercial context near a dying mall.  The site, however, is one of the few remaining large greenfield parcels located near in the core just north of Dallas.  Its location makes it a prominent potential Class A corporate headquarters opportunity.  But without mixed use and multifamily zoning, the context of the site makes it unattractive for the demands of the corporate live-work-play trend.  The Gateway Planning Team marshaled a vision and zoning approach that garnered neighborhood sup-port for the rezoning under the city’s Urban Mixed Use (UMU) Ordinance.  The effort resulted in a unani-mous vote from the city council in an unprecedented 120 day span from filing to final approval under the UMU Ordinance.



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Rosewood’s Heritage Creekside in Plano Kicks off as True Corporate Mixed-use Neighborhood
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Gateway Planning Leads Planning and Zoning for Rosewood Property’s New Corporate Mixed-use Neighborhood in Plano, Texas
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Heritage Creekside Develpment Plan

 Heritage Creekside Phase 1


Heritage Creekside Phase 1


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