Chisolm Trail Tollroad, Fort Worth, Texas

Scott Polikov of Gateway Planning Group, formerly a partner with Prime Strategies, served as Deputy Project Manager for the Chisholm Trail Tollroad (formerly Southwest Parkway) on behalf of the City of Fort Worth. In that position, Scott represented the City of Fort Worth in working with the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to redesign the $1 Billion tollroad through Fort Worth so that it provided the best design context and economic development benefit while still serving the core mobility function.

Scott led the process of developing a corridor master plan with the partnering agencies, TxDOT and NTTA, to ensure that neighborhood integrity was preserved while new development potential was leveraged at the key interchanges. The master plan not only focused on aesthetic design elements of the new roadway, it also directed key elements such as:


  • The location of new development and redevelopment
  • The local street network interface with the tollroad
  • The hike and bike interface with the tollroad; and
  • Key locations for potential tax increment financing (TIF) districts to enhance local development potential


The master plan served as the core driver of the critical path to complete the project, which enabled the City to facilitate an effective partnership with TxDOT and HNTB, the general engineering consultant for NTTA.


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 Chisolm Trail Toll Road


Chisolm Trail Toll Road


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