Dallas CityMAP

A New Approach to Highway Corridor Reinvention

The CityMAP Initiative is an inclusive community-driven assessment of the challenges, opportunities and potential redesign options for the aging interstate corridors and adjacent neighborhoods in and around Downtown Dallas. TxDOT funded, City of Dallas supported and stakeholder driven, the process began in early 2015 to understand how mobility, livability and economics can be considered comprehensively in redesigning the major highway corridors converging in and around Downtown Dallas including I-30 and I-35, as well as the connector highway I-345 splitting the east side of the CBD. Providing pre-NEPA framing of the urban context, the assessment provides an opportunity for partner-focused decision making on urban highway design.


Scenario Driven

Design scenarios were created for each corridor with different geometric options and the associated potential redevelopment of the urban area through a context sensitive (CSS) view of the downtown neighborhood fabric.  Developed with the input of 140 one-on-one stakeholder interviews, factors such as new sidewalks, adaptive reuse, tax base and job creation were used to analyze the respective scenarios.  The key question is how can the design and function of the major highways through downtown shape a future that embraces both regional commuter needs and the destination potential of the core of Dallas?


Vision-Driven Economic Development

Gateway Planning’s work includes assessing the development potential and economic impact of the geometric design and surrounding urban fabric of downtown to understand the impact of the design scenarios.   Gateway Planning led the urban design integration and economic analysis (with Catalyst Commercial) in parallel with the geometric work of the lead firm, HNTB. The urban design assessment includes both development analytics as well as creation of illustrative area plans for downtown and visualizations of those plans showing the integrated potential redesign of the highway. 


In 2017, the City of Dallas and TxDOT utilized the CityMAP tool to advance the final process as toSac whether to remove I-345 on the east side of downtown or to reconstruct it below grade like Woodall Rogers below the Klyde Warren Deck Park.



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 Dallas CityMAP


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