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The Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) and the City of League City engaged the Gateway Planning Team to develop a Livable Centers Plan focused on implementation to revitalize Main Street through the Historic Creekside District. This Implementation Plan specifically focused on assessing the feasibility of various development concepts and catalytic areas, and making specific recommendations for projects and strategies to be implemented over the short and long terms.

The catalytic areas and projects recommended in the Plan were selected for their ability to create investment momentum, retain character and support the identity and vision of the city. Though these are not the only areas that are in need of attention, the recommended projects—with implementation of the Plan’s selected catalyst projects—can create the momentum needed for improvements in the District and to attract and sustain private development.

The primary catalytic project recommendation was to reinvent the intersection of Main Street and Park Avenue, along with League Park’s relation to Perkins Station. Main Street is a state highway and required coordination with TxDOT to redesign Main Street. The coordination and recommendations will create both a true destination discernible by a commuter on Main Street and an integrated place that can jump start neighborhood retail and entertainment on all four corners of the intersection and along Main Street.

The Livable Centers Plan for League City was unanimously adopted by the League City Council on February 14, 2012.


League City Main Street Plan - Part 1
Executive summary and introduction

League City Main Street Plan - Part 2
Preliminary assessment

League City Main Street Plan - Part 3
Market assessment

League City Main Street Plan - Part 4
Public process

League City Main Street Plan - Part 5
Design workshop

League City Main Street Plan - Part 6
Solutions plan

League City Main Street Plan - Part 7
Phasing and feasibility analysis

League City Main Street Plan - Part 8
Next steps

League City Main Street Plan - Part 9

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