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In the fall of 2007, the residents of Owensboro identified downtown revitalization as an important community priority. This provided the impetus for a comprehensive downtown planning initiative led by the Gateway Planning Team. Working with partners TXP and Kimley-Horn and Associates, the Gateway Planning Team “eventually produced a plan that not only will work, but also stirs the imagination and creates excitement” (Messenger-Inquirer editorial, February 7, 2009). Bringing the Waterfront into historic downtown became the critical focus. Reinventing the design of major roadway corridors, linking downtown with other parts of downtown, created additional opportunities. One of these corridors emerged as a candidate for a Regional Streetcar Line.

Master Plan and Form-Based Code
The final Master Plan provides an overall urban design framework within which the community came together and reassessed priorities and initiatives as market conditions evolve. Facilitating rezoning, the Master Plan is being implemented by a form-based code. This has enabled Downtown Owensboro to once again be linked collection of urban neighborhoods, each with its own development and activity focus. With several large-scale redevelopment opportunities, the Master Plan the community flexibility in evaluating a variety of redevelopment options.

Focus on Implementation
With a strong focus on a practical but ambitious plan, the Design Team recommended a core set of catalyst projects that built on the existing community assets. In addition to providing order-of-magnitude cost estimates, the Design Team identified financial strategies to fund these initial projects. With tremendous public support and ownership, the City and County approved the Master Plan and approximately $100 million to fund the infrastructure for the catalyst projects in February 2009. Despite the tough economic times, the elected officials saw this as an incredible opportunity to invest in Owensboro’s future.

Since the ratification of the Downtown Master Plan in early 2009, there has been approximately $140 million in public investment and $91 million in private investment. Initial economic analysis indicated that Owensboro should expect roughly a 3:1 public/private investment ratio, but they are already at just over 1-1/2:1. Numerous business expansions and entrepreneurs have found a home in Downtown. For example, Texas Gas-Boardwalk Pipelines, a prominent corporate citizen of 50 years, moved their local headquarters from the periphery of the community into Downtown, along with 300 white-collar employees.


Form-Based Codes

Approved Downtown Form-Based Overlay Code


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