Duncanville, Texas

The Project
Duncanville, Texas, seeking to reinvent its Main Street into a true mixed-use destination, teamed up with Gatway Planning Group, TXP and Kimley-Horn to implement a master plan for downtown focused on the redesign and reconstruction of Main Street. Duncanville’s Main Street anchors historic retail and the center of city government, but it has lacked sustained growth for many years. Located just south of Dallas on IH20 and a future rail transit line connecting to the DART Westmoreland Station, Downtown Duncanville has initiated an economic development strategy to grow a market for downtown housing, more retail, additional restaurants and eventually substantial new offices. Attracting young professionals and empty-nesters to live in Duncanville has been targeted as a key strategy. This initiative utilized a community committee for input and developed a detailed redevelopment master plan. The master plan includes the conceptual design for transit-oriented development (TOD) around the likely location of a rail station at Center and Main Streets and delineates areas for enhancement as well as likely locations for substantial redevelopment.

Implementing the master plan, form-based rezoning has created certainty, use flexibility and predictability for developers from parcel to parcel. Recipient of an NCTCOG Sustainable Communities Capital Grant, Main Street is under reconstruction today next to the future DART Station, implementing the master plan. Several new restaurants have been opened and redevelopment is underway for several projects, including new townhomes and adaptive reuse construction of existing buildings on Main Street.

Best Practice
“Reinventing Main Street”—the Context-Sensitive Solutions (CSS) work of Gateway Planning, TXP and Kimley-Horn in Duncanville, Texas—has been selected as a Best Practice for the CSS National Dialog, sponsored by Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Center for Transportation and Environment (CTE) at North Carolina State University.

2013 NCTCOG Clide for Planning and Policy for Sustainable Development


Form-Based Codes

Downtown Form-Based Code


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