Downtown Bastrop Place-Making Initiative

Gateway Planning supported Bastrop in taking the next step to ensure that Downtown continues as the heart of the rapidly growing city in the greater Austin Region.


The Bastrop City Council voted unanimously to adopt a redevelopment plan and implementing form-based code for the greater downtown area following a unanimous recommendation from Planning and Zoning commission and various other boards and commissions. The new code will implement the community-crafted vision to protect historic buildings and encourage new development that reflects the character desired by residents and business owners.


The origins of this initiative were borne out of an AIA Sustainable Design Assessment Team (SDAT) process to create a vision for what Bastrop could be in the coming decades. Council decided to take the next step by hiring Gateway Planning and Catalyst Commercial to lead downtown stakeholders and the community at large through a discovery of the authentic drivers of downtown.  That process culminated in a design charrette to refine the vision and take a block by block and building by building look at what the future of downtown Bastrop would look like.  The Gateway Team worked closely with City Staff, Main Street Bastrop Staff and the Form Based Code Task Force to gather input and work through the details of the code to ensure that it reflected the nuances of Bastrop and the desired vision for the area. 


The new code will seek to simplify the amount of variances being requested by reflecting existing and desired development patterns as well as be a catalyst for new development by allowing “missing middle” residential types to meet a market demand that was not allowed under the prior code. Codifying infill and mixed use development, the new downtown master plan and zoning will ensure that new development is conducive to small local businesses and is a good neighbor to the surrounding residential context.


Illustrative Master Plan


Civic Cultural Arts

Connectivity and Open Space

Emile School/College Street Neighborhood

Main Street Concept

Highway 95 Corridor Frontage

Documents and Form-based Code


Regulating Plan

Form-based Code

Project Overview

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