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Working with Texas Perspectives (TXP) and Marcus Jahns Associates in 2008, the Gateway Planning Team developed the second phase implementation strategy for the City of El Paso’s Downtown Plan. It provides the pathway to assist City Council, the TIRZ (Tax Increment Financing) Board, and City Staff in implementing projects in downtown.

Prioritizing Investment
The Phase II plan recommended discrete action items to work towards realizing the development vision established in the original Downtown Plan. Based on the private catalyst projects anticipated in the “pipeline”, the Team established critical pedestrian linkages required within downtown to take advantage of projects. In addition, the implementation plan provides the city and the TIRZ board criteria to evaluate projects requesting public incentives. To this end, the implementation plan recommends higher priority to projects that promote downtown living, linkages to transit, and synergies with existing projects. Projects that leverage private funds as well as promote the cultural arts will also be given priority.

Restoration of Historic Buildings
The results of this Phase II work was the initiation of two key buildings on the main Plaza, including the restoration of the historic Hilton Hotel and a neighboring residential building.


Form-Based Codes

Downtown Implementation Plan


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