McKinney, Texas

Downtown McKinney Redevelopment and TOD Initiative

The new Town Center Master Plan is the vision of the City of McKinney, Texas, for the future of its central neighborhoods and historic center. The Plan is also the roadmap for redevelopment, preservation, and future growth, including transit oriented development (TOD) to connect into the Rail North Texas System from Dallas to Downtown McKinney. The plan provides a community-based strategy for sustaining the vibrancy of the heart of McKinney.

Linking the Master Plan with the Market
Phase 1 of the planning process was inclusive, not simply allowing for but actively soliciting public input through each part of the process. As a result, the process captured valuable public input while still capitalizing on the professional expertise of City officials and the Gateway Planning Team hired to lead the process. The results of the stakeholder process provide key linkages to neighborhoods and developments surrounding the future TOD adjacent to the historic downtown.

After the City Council adopted the master plan, the Gateway Planning Team (Gateway Planning, Kimley-Horn and TXP) was engaged to position downtown, including the future TOD, with a critical mass of neighborhood linkages for investment in new businesses. To this end, the Gateway Team assessed market demand and developed a detailed form-based code and design framework to implement the master plan. In addition, the Gateway Planning team assessed and created a tax increment finance (TIF) zone. In addition, the team developed a comprehensive parking strategy to address short- and long-term parking needs as the Town Center grows. The team is also developing a Town Center management structure as a mechanism to coordinate all the public and private redevelopment efforts.


2009 NCTCOG CLIDE Award for Planning and Policy for Sustainable Development

2013 TX APA Current Planning Award


Documents and Links

McKinney Recognized as one of the Nation's top places to live due to its Revitalized Downtown
Historic Downtown Master Plan
TOD Master Plan
East Downtown Neighborhood Plan

Master Plan Introduction
Planning Process
Existing Conditions
The Vision
Next Steps
Appendix A: Public Outreach & Communication
Appendix B: Image Preference Survey Results
Appendix C: Preliminary Concepts, Workshop 1
Appendix D: Preliminary Concepts, Workshop 2
Appendix E: Preliminary Concepts, Workshop 3

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 McKinney - Town Center


McKinney - Town Center
McKinney - Town Center
McKinney - Town Center
McKinney - Town Center
McKinney - Town Center
McKinney - Town Center
McKinney - Town Center
McKinney - Town Center
McKinney - Town Center
McKinney - Town Center
McKinney - Town Center
McKinney - Town Center
McKinney - Town Center


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