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Propelling Downtown Forward – Fort Smith, Arkansas

Gateway Planning was hired by private sector stakeholders under the 64.6 Downtown initiative to coalesce real estate development, arts and culture, job creation, placemaking, as well as public and private investment decisions through unified planning efforts. Thus, the Propelling Downtown Forward plan, or PropelFS, was created. This master plan implementation tool and governance structure serves as a business plan for Downtown’s future.


Working with local stakeholders, Gateway Planning brought together Downtown’s multitude of moving pieces and players to create a document that identifies character zones for future regulatory implementation, corridors for reinvestment, sustainable neighborhood connections and leverage from the U.S. Marshals Museum along the Arkansas River. Throughout the year-long process, Gateway Planning worked with hundreds of local community leaders and members, including a detailed analysis of infrastructure and traffic improvements through Downtown’s street network and the impacts of a truck route through Downtown.


The Propelling Downtown Forward plan was adopted unanimously on August 1, 2017 by the City’s Board of Directors and Gateway Planning is now in the process of working with the City on the regulatory framework for Downtown.


PropelFS won the Arkansas Chapter of the American Planning Association Achievement in Comprehensive Plan Development Award in September 2017.


Propelling Downtown Forward
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