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Downtown Odessa Design and Implementation Plan – Odessa, Texas

In 2016, Gateway Planning led for Downtown Odessa, Inc., a downtown revitalization initiative. The project was borne out of growing market activity and a strong community desire for reinvestment in Downtown. The integration and alignment with the recently approved upscale convention center and hotel was seen as a core opportunity on which to build. This anchor destination has already brought investment and business to the downtown community; and the new Downtown Design and Implementation Plan serves to unify the private investment interests, public investments and development activity.


The adopted Master Plan identifies new development and redevelopment in relation to the existing urban context and projects that are already under development. The integration of open spaces and incentivizing infill development was key to reconnecting the neighborhoods and districts on either side of Grant Avenue, the main TxDOT thoroughfare bisecting downtown. The Master Plan and Downtown Development Overlay emphasizes these opportunities as well as the integration of public open spaces via parklets, street plazas, parks and a woonerf.


The Downtown Design and Implementation Plan and the Downtown Development Overlay were adopted in October 2016.




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 Odessa, TX


Odessa, TX
Odessa, TX


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