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Plan Sachse Comprehensive Plan – Sachse, Texas


Plan Sachse represents a new approach to comprehensive planning. The plan establishes a vision for Sachse that will immediately be translatable to real projects, investments and sustainable placemaking. Gateway Planning was hired in Spring 2016 to craft this new type of comprehensive plan and led an interdisciplinary team.


Sachse, Texas, a growing bedroom community of Dallas, is at the cusp of full build-out and when faced with less than 1000 remaining developable acres, the community sought to craft and implement a vision that would result in implementation steps and prioritization of projects that will lead to a sustainable economic future. Gateway Planning undertook a comprehensive public engagement strategy involving over 2000 community member interactions to truly understand the desired vision.


This work enabled the plan to include, for the first time, a detailed vision for multifamily and urban residential neighborhoods, as well as a detailed trail and parks master plan meeting community desires. In less than one year, Gateway Planning was able to support an unanimous adoption by City Council in March 2017. Currently, Gateway Planning is now leading the rezoning of two key catalytic areas.




Sachse Final Report





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