TxDOT Urban Thoroughfares Committee and CNU ITE Manual for Walkable Urban Thoroughfares

The Gateway Planning Group specializes in integrating urban places with context-sensitive transportation that results in market-based implementation.  Scott Polikov and his colleagues believe that the key to successful implementation is designing streets for people and vibrant commerce.  In addition to leading several of Gateway Planning’s projects that speak directly to this approach, Scott Polikov co-chaired the Urban Thoroughfares Committee appointed by Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). This Committee rewrote the state’s Project Development Process Manual  to accommodate local and regional planning and policy goals in the design of roadways and transportation networks. This initiative will create and encourage cooperative partnerships, context-sensitive solutions, and design flexibility with respect to planning and developing transportation projects in urban contexts. 

After a year of work, the committee recommended–and TxDOT agreed–to adopt the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Manual for Walkable Urban Thoroughfares as an accepted roadway design criteria for the state. The first State to adopt the ITE Manual, Texas now provides for true context-sensitive solutions in urban conditions for its federal- and state-funded roadways.   

Gateway Planning’s master plans for new development and redevelopment focus on creating streets as destinations that anchor walkable mixed-use development. In many projects, such as Oak Street in Roanoke, Texas and Main Street in Duncanville, Texas, Gateway Planning’s master plans, form-based codes and fiscal analyses support reinvention of those streets into walkable mixed-use destinations. Gateway Planning’s work on the reinvention of Main Street Duncanville has been recognized nationally as a Best Practice by the CSS National Dialog, sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Center for Transportation and Environment (CTE) at North Carolina State University.

Another recognition of Gateway Planning’s work was in the design of a walkable, multimodal boulevard for Verano, a new community anchored by Texas A&M San Antonio. Gateway Planning was featured in the New Urbanism Best Practices Guide as a model multi-way boulevard.  


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ITE/CNU Manual for Walkable Urban Thoroughfares





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