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As a suburban community in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, Burleson, Texas is uniquely positioned to harness that growth. The question facing the community leaders was how to be proactive about attracting the type of growth and development that would be sustainable over the long-term. In 2003, Gateway Planning Group, Inc., with partners Prime Strategies, Inc., developed a comprehensive economic development strategy to essentially capture Burleson’s future.

This Economic Development Strategy plan identified the specific areas the city should devote resources and concentrate efforts to maximize successful economic development. This plan was based on Burleson City Council’s collective economic development objectives of expanding the tax base, creating new job opportunities, attract quality and sustainable growth, address traffic and mobility issues, and build on the uniqueness of the Burleson community.

These economic development objectives were then tied to specific action plans. These action plans were based on practical strategies that tied the city’s allocation of resources with attainable economic development goals. One of the key action items to address long-term traffic and mobility issues was to facilitate the leveraging of new development and redevelopment along the city’s major corridors, including IH 35 and SH 174, through a system of zoning and design overlays with additional linkages that created more attractive and sustainable land use patterns. Another action item to insure quality and sustainable growth was to identify key areas in the city that were conducive to mixed use development and undertaking zoning changes to facilitate such development. In addition, it recommended the targeting of economic incentives to development projects that met the mixed use criteria established by the city.
Subsequent to this Economic Development Strategy Plan, Burleson was provided the opportunity to prepare for the conversion the BNSF freight line for commuter rail, with connections to Fort Worth and D/FW Airport to the north as well as Cleburne to the south.

The Gateway Planning Group worked with city staff and area landowners to prepare a 600-acre plan and new TOD zoning ordinance so that walkable mixed use development could be realized around the station. Under the leadership of the Mayor and Council, this initiative has transformed an area once viewed only as appropriate for low density single-family in to a future true town center destination.


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