North Richland Hills, Texas

The City of North Richland Hills is proactively planning to take advantage of the future regional commuter rail stops along the Cotton Belt Railroad. This commuter rail corridor will connect the city with two major employment centers— the DFW International Airport and Downtown Fort Worth.

Two station locations have been identified in the City of North Richland Hills—one at Iron Horse and Loop 820, and the other at Smithfield, the City’s historic center. The City hired Gateway Planning Group in the fall of 2008 to define the station area plans and develop a form-based code to leverage the potential for redevelopment and reinvestment in this land-locked city that is close to build-out.

The City sees the Station Areas as an opportunity for new, higher intensity village development with a focus on redevelopment within some of its larger industrial and suburban retail sites. Accordingly, almost 500 acres was rezoned under the form-based code to achieve a de facto “master developer” context over multiple ownership, which includes existing underutilized industrial properties. This will enable value capture of a more robust tax base to ensure sustained infrastructure investment.

The new code creates a series of character zones, each with its own mix of uses, intensity, and development character. Iron Horse Station at Loop 820 has regional highway access and thus has the potential to be a future employment center, while the Smithfield Station has the potential to revive the city’s historic downtown into a fine-grained mixed-use neighborhood supporting the rail station.


Form-Based Codes

TOD-Form Based Code


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 North Richland Hills, Texas


North Richland Hills, Texas
North Richland Hills, Texas
North Richland Hills, Texas


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